The First Year: 9 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

It’s really hard to believe that this little online space of mine has already existed for a year. I’ve come to really love blogging and being able to share my ideas/tips/thoughts here, but it has definitely been a learning process. I feel like I’m constantly learning new information and better ways of doing things, so … Continue reading The First Year: 9 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

Prove Yourself

What do you think about this concept: instead of worrying so much about pleasing everyone around us and proving our worth to others, why don’t we use that energy to work on ourselves?
And I’ll follow that up with a second question: how is your worth defined? In today’s society we spend so much time searching for validation from others. We are focused on others opinions and what we can use to prove that we are liked whether that the number of followers we have, the likes on a post, our impression rate, etc. But what are we doing to prove our worth to and encourage ourselves?