What’s Trending Tuesday: Christmas 2018

Happy Tuesday!!! Today on the blog, we're talking Christmas decor trends! I've rounded 4 prevalent trends in Christmas decor this year, so let's jump right in! (Please note, the following pictures are NOT my own, but are great examples of some trending decor!) 1. Knit Blanket Tree SkirtsThese chunky knit tree skirts are showing up … Continue reading What’s Trending Tuesday: Christmas 2018

What’s Trending Tuesday: Deconstructed Furniture

Hi Friends, and Happy Tuesday! So let's talk about a trend I've been spotting more and more: Deconstructed Furniture. (Photo from Pinterest) First off, what is it? Basically, a piece falls into the "deconstructed" category if it has a solid frame/structure but is purposefully incomplete (without fabric/trim). Sounds kinda McCrayCray, right? The intention is to … Continue reading What’s Trending Tuesday: Deconstructed Furniture