A Cozy White Christmas

It’s hard to believe it’s Christmastime again! This always seems to be the busiest time of year… shopping for presents, celebrating the season with friends and family, getting the decorations up (and praying all the lights actually work when you plug them in…) It all happens in a blur, so my goal this year was to at least make it a cozy blur.

Y’all know I love white, and Christmas is no exception! I found a new place for my tree this year, tucked in the corner of my bedroom, and adorned it with all my gold, silver, bronze and white ornaments!

I kept my vintage window hanging where it was, but leaned two of my thrifted mirrors in with it.

I just love the cozy glow of Christmas lights ✨✨✨

And here are a few of my tips for decorating your tree:

  1. Start with your biggest ornaments and work your way to the smallest. I always put the biggest ornaments in first so that I can fill any holes in the branches or cover where the lights aren’t as bright, and then work in the smaller ones.
  2. Hang in triangles. I try to put all the same type of ornaments on at the same time and hang them so that they form triangles within the tree… one towards the top, and two below to either side. It helps things stay proportionate and look more appealing.
  3. Hang some ornaments deeper into the branches. Don’t just put your ornaments on the very tips of the outer branches. Take time to work some in towards the middle of the tree to give it some more depth.

If you use those three trips, you’ll have a gorgeous Christmas tree in no time!

And, of course, I made sure my wrapping paper and bags matched the ornaments.

When it comes to gift wrap, I try to plan a year in advance, so all these bags, boxes and paper were bought last year after Christmas… when you can get a lot more for your money (#HollaForADolla!)

So, that’s Dylan Kade’s 2019 Christmas Tree! Hope y’all have a very merry Christmas!

And, as always, happy decorating!!!

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