Boy, Make Your Bed

I’m sure many of you have heard of the book Girl, Wash Your Face. And while I haven’t read it, I love the meaning and truth that the title alone speaks, and I’ve heard the great reviews.

Today, I was getting stuck in comparison… you know when you compare every single aspect about your life to any and everyone who has the tiniest thing in common. And then do you know what I did? I got up off the couch and made my bed.

You didn’t see that one coming did ya?

I was recently reminded of a great video in my Leadership class, and the whole gist of the video is the power behind just making your bed. An admiral talks about his Navy Seal training, how in that training they push you to your breaking point and most people don’t make it through it. Do you know what one of the first things they teach you is?

How to properly make your bed.

And he goes on to describe how they build on that simple task throughout training, but the mental power behind it is so true.

If you start everyday by making your bed, you accomplish AT LEAST one thing everyday. And if after making your bed, you have a terrible day, at least you have a neat and tidy bed to come home to.

I think if we spend more of our energy looking at the mundane tasks of life in that type of perspective, we’d be much happier people.

And so what if someone else is further along in life than you are. So someone else is a millionaire at 24, so other people are able to make successful, full-time careers out of their passions. You are doing life and you’re doing it well! You accomplish so many little things everyday that you don’t even realize.

So, let’s strive to keep that mindset. What are you going to tell yourself everyday?

I’m going to start with “Boy, make your bed.”

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