A Change of Seasons

Time for another change… it’s crazy to think just how quickly the days go by. This time last year, I was in a low, low spot… searching for work in my field, for something new, for a real purpose… and now here I am a year later and find myself taking on changes once again, except this time I’m viewing it from a place of excitement and opportunity rather than fear and anxiety.

In less than a week, I’ll start working on my masters degree, and I’m so excited! During undergrad I was counting the days to be finished with school, but after a month or two of no classes and no projects and no studying with my friends… I kind of missed it. Ok, I did miss it.

So, here we go again, back into the swing of reading and studying and working on projects… and making new friends and having fun learning and pushing myself to grow. Being a student again feels good!

But I’ve learned so much about myself and life in general in this past year…

I’ve learned (or reaffirmed) that God has way bigger plans than you do and He knows what’s best.

I’ve learned that I am way more goal-oriented than I ever thought I could be.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to have days where you feel worn-down and broken.

I’ve learned that tough days will pass (and pass quicker than you think.)

I’ve learned that it’s hard to make/find time to be with your friends and you should cherish every second with them because you probably won’t see them again for a couple of months.

I’ve learned/been reminded that being a leader can be hard (hard conversations & high expectations) but it’s oh so rewarding.

I’ve learned that a 5-year or a 10-year Plan is GREAT, but real life doesn’t always align with plans.

And I’ve learned that moving at my own pace in life is perfectly acceptable. (AKA I don’t have to have a house of my own RIGHT NOW and I don’t have to be in a relationship/married RIGHT NOW and I don’t have to be doing what someone else is doing RIGHT NOW. I can work hard and hustle and when the time is right for a new step, I’ll be ready to take it.)

Seasons come and seasons go, and through it all, we’re molded and changed and shaped into the person that we’re meant to be. And that’s what I’ve learned to put my faith and trust in. And it’s not easy! But there’s always hope and restoration to be found with every ending and beginning of a season.

So, as these summer days melt into a new time of year, my hope is to learn more and to grow stronger and to find even more of myself.

Here’s to a new season, my friends, and may it be a great one!

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