A Trip to Scott’s Antique Market

Hello my friends! Summer has absolutely FLOWN by… How is it nearly August?

Before this month got completely away, I wanted to share a new place I went shopping with my friend: Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta

The place is so big it takes not one… not two… but THREE buildings! There were so many treasures to be seen… it was almost overwhelming, but oh so fun and worth it. I mean look at the furniture above and the silver below!

It was amazing, and we walked out with some great finds, like the French Market baskets show below from La Ville La Mer! Not only were the baskets beautiful, the two ladies running the booth were soooo kind! They had a beautiful French-inspired setup! I purchased one of their “Celebrity” market bags and my friend Wendy got this cute woven backpack!

There was so much to see, but if you visit, here is my advice:

1. Start in the SOUTH Building: Prices are much more reasonable, and I thought it was more fun to shop because I like digging through the piles to see what I can find… and there was a booth in the back right corner that required some thorough going over, which ended up being so worth it because I got a vintage Silver teapot for $10!

2. Go in the Fall/Spring because it’s cooler and you can spend more time at the outside booths and the “junk-building” (That’s not the technical term, but more on it in just a second!)

3. Bring a Bag/Cart and WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES: We did both when we went, but I could not imagine what it would be like if we didn’t. I don’t own one of those roller-carts that can fold up, but if you do take it… Let’s just say our bags were real heavy by the end of the day 😬

These tulip crates were at one of the outside booths… I didn’t get one (this time 😉) but I loved them!

But then there was the junk building…

Wendy stayed in the car while I went into this warehouse that is next to the south building, and y’all…. it BLEW MY MIND!!!!!

Like, this picture is what the whole place was like. I could have spent hours inside there… but it was about 110 degrees inside and I’m not built for the heat, so yo boy only lasted about 15 Minutes… but I plan to go back in the late fall, even if this is the only building I make it to!

So that’s my quick summary of our trip to Scott’s! I’ll try to put a separate post together about what all I brought home, but I will tell you I spent under $100 including lunch!

For more info on Scott’s visit ScottAntiqueMarket.com

Have a wonderful day friends!

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