“If you are outgrowing who you’ve been, you’re right on schedule…”

We are not meant to be stagnant in life… we are meant to mature, to improve, to evolve, to grow.

If you’re anything like me, stagnation is a very scary thing. That feeling of not moving anywhere and having no destination, but those time are necessary.


Because they develop patience and serve as a differentiator between those different seasons of life. Think back on who you were yesterday, or last week, or last month, or last year, or ten years ago… is that person who you are now? Would they even be recognizable?

As time progresses, so must we, and, yes… that can be scary! The future is an uncertain place, but isn’t the uncertain possibility of beauty and success worth the “growing pains?” I believe it is!

Days will come where you wake and all of sudden you don’t want the same things you did, and your priorities change to include things you never expected. But that growth and that change is what leads to the person you’re destined to become.

So, don’t fear outgrowing yourself, embrace it. Strive for it because every day is chance to improve and a chance to make a difference.

Happy Monday!

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