Beds by Walmart

Hello peeps! It’s been tooooo long!

Thought I’d pop on today and share a quick post with my research on some bed options. I’ve been looking into getting a new bed, and after having some luck with a recliner that we ordered from Walmart, I thought I’d look at what they have for bedrooms.

So, here are my top picks for beds from Walmart’s website that I feel match my style! (Each picture is linked if you want more info!)

1. DHP Brooklyn Iron Platform Bed

I love the simplicity of this, and this white option definitely reads cottage/farmhouse to me! Pricing ranges from $168 – $226 depending on the size, and it’s also available in black!

Instead of the more modern styling in this picture, I imagine this in a shiplapped room with a long white bed skirt, a patterned spread/quilt and maybe some vintage trunks at the foot board! What do you think?!

2. Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed

Here’s another great metal option! I like the curves in this one. Available in White, Black, Gray (pictured) or gold, there are tons of directions this option could go! Pricing ranges from $129 – $169 depending on size/color.

Wouldn’t this be beautiful in a simply decorated space?! You could really let this shine!

3. Modern Sleep Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed

If you’re looking for an upholstered option, I could definitely get behind this! This option ranges from $209 – $248 and is available in Gray (pictured) and Linen.

I love the way the headboard is made, and those turned legs are great!

4. Hillsdale Furniture Cumberland Canopy Bed

This canopy bed is a beauty and ranges from $449 – $554 depending on size, and black is the only color option for this one.

This bed reminds me a lot Joanna Gaines for some reason! I love how much of an impact it has on a space!

5. Braxton Studio Campagne French Beige Upholstered Light Oak-Finished Bed

If you’re looking for something more French/shabby-chic style, this may be the one for you! This bed ranges from $401-$488 depending on size.

I love the curves of this piece! If you’re style is more of a French-farmhouse, I think this would be a beautiful option for a bedroom!

6. Tvilum Maison Park Platform Queen Bed with Slats

If you’re style is more traditional, this is a lovely option. Available in White or Walnut, this bed ranges from $359-$502.34

The simplicity and clean lines of this option could make it work for almost any space!

7. Acme Furniture Louis Philippe Sleigh Bed

Who doesn’t love a “gray sleigh?” 😂 This bed offers beautiful curves and a variation in color that could make it fit with any space.

This option ranges from $197-$233 dependent upon size. I can picture this with solid white bedding, and I think it could look much more expensive.

8. Roundhill Furniture Laveno Panel Bed

Another beautiful white option, this bed could easily be taken in a formal or farmhouse direction.

White is the only option for this style, and pricing ranges from $600-$634 based on size. Could you imagine this with beautiful white and blue patterned bedding! Dreamy…

9. Hillsdale Furniture Cumberland Bed

If you liked the look of the canopy bed, but didn’t like the canopy here is a great option. Ranging from $374-$444, this bed offers classic style to any bedroom.

Whether styled more traditionally or country, it’s a beautiful option!

Who knew Walmart had style like that?! If you’re looking to re-do your bedroom or guest room or are just in the market for a new bed, check out some of these stylish options… I think one might be come to my house soon!

Happy decorating, friends!

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