Thrifted Finds: Dining Chairs Edition

Hello friends! I’m so excited about this post! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a couple weeks when I got my dining chairs for $40 total!

These beauties are regularly priced at $199.99 for two… and I got all 4 for $40!

I love finding good deals, and even though it’ll be many months before I put these babies to use, I couldn’t pass them up!

I do some shopping at store called Bargain Hunt and in the back of the store, they sell unboxed furniture that is 50% off the ticketed price! I just happened to stumble across these while I was on my lunch break, and couldn’t tell much about them from the box, but thought I’d look them up.

I about fell over when I saw the price difference! We’re talking like 90% off the original price! So… needless to say, they ended up coming home with me!

I think they’re going to be a perfect compliment to my farm table (which was a thrift store find! You can read about it here!) They’re packed away for now, so I don’t have more pics, but I will say they’re more of an off-white than the stock photo makes them seem. (But they are just as pretty!)

I can’t wait til it’s time to start house hunting (wow, that’s kinda of weird to say 😀 ) and find the perfect place for all my treasures!

Just wanted to share my excitement over these! #HollaForADolla 😀

Happy Tuesday, friends!

P. S. Wrote this post in January… just now publishing it. #RealLife (Better late than never, right?!)

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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