A Day in “ATL”

Hello peeps! It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten on here to share, but I’m so excited to share my trip to Atlanta!

While it is only an hour away from me, I’ve never really went to anything there because those 5, 6 or 7 lanes of traffic with thousands of cars gives me MAJOR anxiety, but one of my friends and I took on IKEA and Ponce City Market last weekend!!! It was the bomb . com / your mom! 😀

I had never been to IKEA (shocker, I know), and it was soooooo amazing! I mean, I could have literally just lived there. So many pretty spaces… here’s some of what we saw…

So many pretty spaces… and the KITCHENS… I’ve never wanted to go grocery shopping or cook something so bad in my life! 😀

Them floors tho…

After IKEA, we went to Ponce City Market, and IT WAS A-MAZ-ING. You want to talk about good food…

This was our lunch! “TACO” -bout some tasty!

It was so, so great!

Ponce City is such an inspiring place with small businesses mixed with “Big Name” stores, amazing food, and absolutely gorgeous displays everywhere. It’s become one of my new favorite places. If you ever get the chance to visit, you most definitely should!

After such a great weekend, I couldn’t not document it. Hope you’ve enjoyed this tid-bit of my weekend in Atlanta and that you’ve gotten a little bit of the inspiration that this gave me!

Have a great rest of your day, friends!

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