“That’s What You’re Supposed to Say…”

Happy Monday, friends! A few months ago, I heard an answer to one of the most common questions in the world that for some reason has stuck with me since.

At work one day, my friend asked a customer the question “How are you?”

And she said “Fine… because that’s what you’re supposed to say…” and then walked on down the hall.

In a country where we’ve tried tirelessly to market this whole idea of being “true to yourself,” it’s so hard to actually do that and extremely rare to find someone who is actually, completely and unapologetically their self. We all hide our woes and worries because of the fear of upsetting or burdening someone else, when we were (and are) never meant to carry our burdens alone.

We put much more focus on keeping the status quo than we do on assessing and dealing with our own issues. And our issues are valid!

You are worthy of your own time. Believe it or not, YOU can and should take a moment for yourself. You can and should take a day to just breathe. Yea, that bill is about to be due, yea that car needs work, yea that bank account isn’t building itself… but YOU are far more important than all of that.

Don’t worry about what “you’re supposed to say” or do or be because, at the end of the day, you are your own person. God only made one “you,” and He made you for a reason… and that reason is NOT to feel worthless. That reason is NOT to feel ashamed. That reason is NOT to barely survive.

He made you because you are important. He made you because you are capable. He made you because you are able to make a difference. He made you because the world needs you.

One of my goals for this year is to make more time for myself. Not because I’m being selfish, but because I’m beginning to realize that I’m worth sacrificing time to pursue some “inner peace.” There’s a quote from a favorite movie of mine (I’m not going to say what movie, but you may can guess it…) that really sums this up…

“I’ve been in a relationship with myself for [23] years, and that’s the one I need to work on…”

By the end of this year, when someone asks me “How are you?” I want to be able to answer with “I’m doing great!” and actually mean it!

I hope you’ll join me in pursuing that goal. You’re worth it.

Happy 2019, friends!

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