What’s Trending Tuesday: Christmas 2018

Happy Tuesday!!! Today on the blog, we’re talking Christmas decor trends! I’ve rounded 4 prevalent trends in Christmas decor this year, so let’s jump right in! (Please note, the following pictures are NOT my own, but are great examples of some trending decor!)

1. Knit Blanket Tree Skirts

These chunky knit tree skirts are showing up all over the place! With the growing fad in arm-knit pieces, it comes as no surprise that this trend is coming in strong this Christmas season.

2. Knit Garlands

Tree skirts aren’t the only thing being knit this year. Many people are using knitted garlands for their trees this year! Small tight knit ropes are used to add some warmth and coziness to Christmas decor this year.

3. Decorate with Wrapped Gifts

Who says the gifts have to go under the tree? Wrapped boxes are being styled throughout the home this year whether used as centerpieces for tables or to give shelves a Christmas touch.

4. Live Garlands/Wreaths

While real garlands and wreaths come out every year, it seems like this year they are taking the lead in the world of Christmas decor. Bringing out the “Real Stuff” is the style this year!

So, those are just a few quick Christmas decor trends this year! Are you using any of them in your decor?

Let me know in the comments below, or snap a picture of your decor and tag me in a post on any social media outlet! (My social profiles are also linked below… 🙂 )

Have a fantastic week, friends!

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