Neutral Fall Living Room

Hi Friends!

Fall truly is my favorite time of year, and I personally love the way everything came together as far as decor for this season! So, today I’ve thrown together a post about my neutral fall living room.


This space is always my favorite, which is why it’s the main room I photograph and write about. In the mornings, it’s so light and bright! And I wanted to keep things neutral in attempts to highlight that.


I keep a drop cloth as a bed skirt for this day bed from world market and I’ve kept my sheets and pillows neutral, too.

These pillows are just part of my collection and come from Amazon, Pottery Barn, Target, Bargain Hunt, even thrift stores. I think have a mixture of styles and textures makes the space warmer and more inviting.


And, of course, there’s the “clock wall,” which you can read more about here!



Having texture in a room is important at any time, but I feel like Fall in particular is a great time to go all out with the neutrals. That’s why I’ve combined a little of everything from glass seltzer bottles, to wood spool “candlesticks” to vintage books and lots of cozy blankets.




The most important thing when it comes to decorating is to create a space that you truly love and can feel at peace in. For me, neutral colors, lots of texture, and some quirky features like the clock wall make for the perfect space.


I hope you have fun creating spaces you love this fall! Let me know what you do to make a room feel comfortable and cozy as we enter into this cooler time of year in the comments below!


Have a great week, friends!

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