You Are Capable

Happy Monday, peeps! It’s hard to believe how quickly a week (or year for that matter) goes by!

This time of year always makes me do a bit of soul-searching… with the changes of seasons, the conclusion of  another year of life, it causes a time of reflection for me. Finding your “path” in this life is no small task. It takes courage, and soul-searching, and choices, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

This past year has brought many changes: transitioning from a full-time college student to a somewhat-functional adult and from a part-time job to a full-time career has come with some challenges, and I’m still figuring my way through them, but I’ve done it.

I’ve done it. Sometimes just that simple realization of where God has allowed you to get to is so awe-inspiring! And the seasons of life you thought would never end suddenly come to a close, and you realize just how quickly this life can move.

Throughout this 23rd year, I want to remember this simple fact: “You are capable.” Wherever this next chapter takes me, I know that my God is big enough to get me through it, and I truly believe that wherever I meant to end up, He’ll guide me there.

Even if I don’t have it together every second of every day, even if I my 10-year plan goes flying out the window, (yes, I have a 10-year plan 😀 ) I’m capable of doing great things and I will do great things!

And so are YOU! You can achieve any dream, you can reach any goal. With enough work, and the right mindset, things will happen for you.

I don’t know what “23” will hold, but I do know I’m capable of handling it… and I know that you are capable, too!

Happy Monday!!!

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