Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, my friends! I’m sharing a few more of my favorite things this month from fall decor to movies and TV shows. So, let’s jump right in!

1. White Pumpkins


White pumpkins are always my favorite, whether real or faux. White is one of my favorite colors (shocker, I know) so these guys are my go-to for fall.

2. This is Us


Y’all… this TV show… I LOVE IT! It’s such an emotional roller coaster, but it so well written and the actors are fantastic. Season three just recently started, and I can’t wait to see what happens with the story of the Pearson family.

3. Crazy Rich Asians

Both the book and the movie are! I went to see this a few weeks ago with two of my friends, and we cracked up. It’s got some great funny moments in it, and the story line is great! It really is a must-see!

4. Vintage Suitcases/Luggage


This is a recent liking of mine… I’ve had a couple of pieces for years, but recently found two more to add to the collection, and I’m loving the look.


So, those are a few of my current favorites! Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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