The Clock Wall


Hello, friends! Today I’m sharing all the “deets” on my clock wall. This project was a vision that I got in my head after purchasing a vintage clock face earlier in the summer at Vintage Market Days of Atlanta.

I knew I wanted to do something using clock faces, but wasn’t quite sure what exactly it was going to look like. Moving into fall, I decided I wanted to change up the living room. So, the area where my map used to hang became a blank canvas, and this is what I envisioned.


It was fairly easy to do… I knew I wouldn’t be able to track down a whole bunch of actual vintage clock faces, but I was able to find quite a few options on Google.

I wanted this to look collected/curated but not cluttered. I chose a few variations and printed them off onto normal copy paper. Then, I cut out each face.


I had one of the actual clocks that ended up hanging on the far left of this setup; however, I wanted at least two more to give this fixture a 3-D element. The middle white one came from Amazon, and the black is a Target Clearance find.

Before hanging everything up, I spent some time laying it all out in the floor to find the layout I wanted. Then, I just started going for it. I used push pins to hang the actual clocks and then used Washi tape that I already had in teeny-tiny pieces to hang the prints.


In total, this whole set-up costs less than $30 (and that cost all came from the actual clocks.) The rest just “cost” ink.

Here are the clock-faces images I used to create this look:

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or through any of my social media platforms (linked at the bottom of my site!) about my “clock wall” or fall living room.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by the blog today and Happy Decorating!

IMG_5043 - Copy

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