The First Year: Why I Blog About What I Blog About

Hi peeps! Thanks for stopping by the blog today! This post is the first of a “series” coming this month that are all about my first year of blogging.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since I started this online space of mine. I’ve grown and learned so much both about blogging and about myself. So, this series is dedicated to sharing some of that knowledge and defining the purpose of my blog!

To begin, I’m covering why I blog about what I blog about…

As the title says, I consider my blog to focuse on three main areas: Home, Style and Motivation. I have a true passion for each of these area, and combined, they make a platform on which I feel that I can share some information that I feel is somewhat insightful and hopefully inspiring.



One of my favorite things is “dressing up” a space to make it feel like home. It’s important to have an area where you can just sit down, relax, look around and feel like it’s the place for you.

I consider my style to be an eclectic, neutral cottage look. Simple, neutral color pallets make me happy. White is one of my favorite colors, and you see it all over my spaces. But I try to use interesting, textural accents and innovative styling to keep it feeling warm and lively.

Some things are a little different or quirky (like my “clock wall”), and some are very style specific, but when I walk into my space (especially my living room, I smile because I feel like it’s “me.”

I strive to share my ideas and ways of “fixing things up” in hopes that someone will find an idea that they can apply in it, so a lot my posts are about my decor or sharing some retail finds that I think would be a great addition to a space. I also share the occasional DIY project to show that you don’t have to loaded to have a nice space. Y’all know my feelings about the cost of a good space… #HollaForADolla 😀


Style is another area I have a passion for, but I don’t share as much content from this angle as far as different decor styles or even clothing styles. I have a couple of posts that touch on this area, but I have lots of ideas planned for year two.

However, I will say that it’s important to own your style whether you’re cottage, farmhouse, mid-mod, modern, eclectic, colorful, conservative, minimalistic… do you and do it big! Just as a room in your house should represent you in some way, your closet should do the same.

Second, you never know who’s going to stop by or who you are going to meet or run into, so you should keep that in mind when it comes to your style regarding both your closet/wardrobe and your home. Show who you are fully in every way possible.

I try to incorporate this subject throughout the blog because it’s not only a topic that most anybody can relate to, it’s one that is interesting to study and define.


And last, but most certainly not least: the topic of motivation. I place a lot of importance on this area.

We live in a world that is so, so quick to tear down, but slow to build up. I want to seize the opportunity that I have in this digital space to add some positivity back into the world.

When I write my motivational posts, I keep my focus on you! I want you to come here to DKB and not only find some inspiration for your home but also an encouraging word. I like to think posts in this area really help someone or brighten their day.

For me personally, I’ve had days where I just feel down in the dumps and worthless, but then someone says something or I read something at just the right moment and I’m reassured that I do have a purpose and that there is a reason for everything.

A lot of times, I write these posts thinking of what I would like to hear, but it’s always my prayer that my musings about confidence or self-motivation or dream-chasing really do help someone and that God is able to use these words to reach someone who just needs to know that they are loved and they are capable.

While I may never truly know, I feel that this is the area in which I can and do have a real impact… and I don’t take that lightly. I speak from the heart in these posts and want my readers to know that they are capable, smart and worthy.


So, that’s why this site is what it is. These subjects are fun and important to me, and I just try to share what I think is helpful or insightful to the best of my abilities. And while it’s a blast for me, I hope it’s helpful to you in some way, shape or form.

Keep your eyes peeled for the other posts in this “The First Year” series, and thanks for stopping by the blog! 😀

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