Dream Big

Happy Monday, my friends! I wanted to start this week off with some encouragement: Dream Big!


What do you want out of life? Whatever it is, you can achieve, so do no fear. No Dream is too big. Everyday, find something to do that moves you a step closer to your dreams, no matter how big or small that step may be.

We often doubt and give up on our vision of what our life could be, but if we’ve been given a burden for something, we should pursue it relentlessly.


My dream is to someday teach college classes and to own and operate my own business. I dream of having my own little shop and I can see it so clearly in my mind…

It’s a quaint, little building…. white exterior with a black door and black windows on either side. Each one has a window box overflowing with live flowers.

When you walk in, the space feel light, bright and airy. Antique wooden tables display items for sale (seasonal merchandise along with knick-knacks, vintage books, and other unique finds. To the right, there’s a display that house fresh flowers for sale. And on either side of the room, wooden shelves display pillows, blankets, vases, candlesticks and framed pictures all marked with simple, branded price tags.

There’s a counter (where the register is) straight ahead with a candle burning that fills the room and a big bouquet of fresh flowers. There’s a stylish, neutral-colored chair at the counter and the wall behind it has shelves from floor to ceiling where extra stock is neatly kept.

In the back of the store, there’s a room with a large farm table where we teach classes on things like hand-lettering, wreath-making, floral design for the home and other seasonal classes.

When I close up shop for the day, I head to the college where I teach students about marketing and business communication.

It’s a happy life I imagine for myself and a dream that I pray comes true one day.

As I write this post, I imagine myself looking back years from now… sitting on my couch at home, scrolling through old posts and smiling when I stumble across this one because that is the exact description of what my day just was.


I choose to believe that anything is possible, and that is a true statement for YOU, too!

NEVER stop dreaming, friends… and dream BIG!

This post is really personal for me, and I thank you for taking a moment to read my ramblings about my dreams… It feels good to write this, to see it in print. It makes feel more “do-able.”

I encourage you to write your dreams, and never forget them. They are yours for a reason, and physically seeing them really does help. You can post a dream in the comments below, put them in your journal or just grab a pen and page and make note of it.

You can achieve great things, and you are worth the pursuit if happiness, no matter what happiness may look like for you.

Let’s do this, friends… do that thing, take that chance, make it happen. Choose to say “day one” instead of “one day.” ❤

2 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. I love reading your blogs. I can picture your shop exactly in my mind. Look forward to seeing that dream come true. Sounds like so much fun! I’m sure you will succeed with your dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so, so much! I truly appreciate your encouragement! I can see it so clearly, so I believe that’s a sign that it’s bound to happen.
      Thanks for following along and reading! It means a lot to me! 💙


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