From “Neigh” to Yay!

Hi friends! Thought I’d share this quick revamp of some of my thrifted finds!

I found these horse bookends that look kind of large chess pieces a few weeks ago at Goodwill in Oakwood, Ga. I’ve seen similar ones in stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls, and thought I could give these a quick refresh. (And they were under $3 for both!)


I painted them with some white chalk paint until they were completely coated, and it gave them a whole new look!


The chalk paint gave them a matte finish, which helped to match my “cottagey”, “farmhousey” vibe.



I found a similar product (but with a glossy finish) on Amazon that I’ve linked below for a price reference:


I’ll take $2.92 over $29 any day of the week! 😀 #HollaForADolla

Just wanted to share this quick project with ya!

Have a great weekend, peeps! ❤

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