Vintage Market Days of Atlanta

Hi, friends! This past weekend was so nice, I took two days off from work and one was spent at Vintage Market Days of Atlanta. My mom and I went, and it was so neat to see all the creativity of these vendors in one space.


This booth pictured below was my favorite. I didn’t photograph everything, but Vintage Farmhouse Interiors had it all set up so nice!


This one (below) was another cute set up. I love seeing people who have an even bigger passion for collecting unique finds than I do, and this market had so many great displays.


And let me take a second to talk about this set up above. Have you ever seen such a cute idea! This lady built this little stand out of pallets and used chalk paint for the sign. I thought this would be such a good idea for a kids birthday party! LOVE IT!


There were also some cool food vendors, and they were all in these neat little campers. I just loved each set-up and the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that was in the air!


We grabbed a sweet tea from the Mama’s Sweet Tea truck, and for those of you who live in the Gainesville/East Hall area, it tasted just like Rabbittown sweet tea. So good!

But this Tin Can Treats truck pictured below was my favorite… It was so cute, and the guy serving the ice cream was dressed up in a button up shirt and bow tie with one of the vintage-dinner looking hats. It was so cute and all the kids that were there were over at this truck!



But the neatest thing was the Mustard Seed Tiny Home!!! Y’all, this home was on HGTV! We got to go inside for a quick tour, and I loved it! I would have moved in if I could 😀


I mean, just look at this bedroom. Shiplap walls, wood headbord, and sliding doors for the closet. It was so pretty! There was also a set of double sliding doors directly in front of the bed, which let in so much natural light. Great idea on the designer’s part to make the space feel bigger.


Then, there were these stairs that doubled as cabinets/storage space leading up to the loft area where the second bedroom was.



And they had this cute little fridge tucked under the stairs as well.


Then, there was the bathroom…



I forgot to take an actual picture of the shower, so I screen-shotted this from my Instagram stories. (Sorry for the awful quality!) It was subway tiled from the floor to the ceiling.

It was so neat! I would love to have had it, but it said the price of that Tiny House was nearly $80,000!!! I was like that’s McCrayCray!!!


It was so much fun at VMD! Here’s a quick pic of what I got, which isn’t all that much (prices were pretty high… just being honest.) But we had a great time, made some memories, and came home with some neat finds.


Let me know about your VMD experience in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! ❤

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