“Opal House” Product Line at Target

Hi friends! So, I had a chance to check out some of the new Opal House product line at Target this weekend, and I have to say… I have some mixed feelings. I checked it out online a few days ago, but wanted to see what it really looked like in person.

Overall, I think it’s a great line! The products seem to be good quality, but a lot of them aren’t quite “my style”… but I still like a lot of it. So, today, I’m sharing my 10 favorite items from the line that I feel do match my personal aesthetic. (I’ve added direct links to their listing on Target’s site, if you’re interested in purchasing! Just click the pic, and it’ll take you there 😀 )

1. Yellow Floral Fringe Pillow – $19.99


I like the pattern of this pillow a lot, and the I think the mustard color is fun! This gives me a of a farmhouse feel because the pattern looks more vintage than modern, and I think it could mix fairly easily which any color furniture. Also, the color is great for summer!

2. Candle Holders -$12.99


I really liked these candle holders! I think they’re a fun, easy way to add color to a space, and the way that they’ve been designed gives them a true vintage feel. (This next sentence is not supposed to sound negative:) They remind me of a candle holder that you find at a thrift store, but there’s only one because the other one probably broke, but you’d really like to have two to use for a table/mantle. (A little cray, but that’s what I think of 😀 )

When I saw these in store, I especially liked the two that are on the far right of the photo above!

3. Black and White Global Animal Lumbar Throw Pillow – $19.99


This pillow is somewhat of a tribal print pattern, but I love this for spring. And it’s a great neutral piece since it’s black and white. Also, I like the fact that the design is stitched, not printed. It gives this pillow more texture in a good way.

4. Woven Outdoor Rug – $49.99-89.99


This is my FAVORITE product in the whole line! I really like the pattern of this rug, and it’s so pretty in person! I plan on purchasing one… but I don’t really have a clue where I’m going to put it. It’s just too pretty to pass up!

5. Plastic Beverage Dispenser – $12.99


I love this drink dispenser! It comes in various colors including gree, blue, orange, pink and clear. And it’s plastic, not glass! (Which I prefer… it’s a little safer if you’re a clutz like me and drop everything!) And I think it’s at a good price point for only $13.

6. Plates – $1.99-2.99

I really liked all of their plates and dinner wear. These three are my favorite, but with all the options they have, it’d be fun to mix an match for a tablescape.

And these are at a reasonable price point, too!


7. Solid Fringed Napkins – $2.50

I really like these napkins for a summer party! The fringe detail on the edge is perfect.

Hobby Lobby actually has some very similar ones available, but I think they are at the same price if not a little more. They, also, had more colors available, so if you really like the style of these but not the colors, check Hobby Lobby out! (And if they’re regular price when you go, you can use a coupon! 😀 )

8. Steel Beverage Tub with Handles – $16.99


I love all the drink tubs in this line, but this one was my favorite. (No surprise! Y’all know I like white!) I like the tassle detail on this, but I’m not sure if it would look as good if you were having an outside party because once this tub started sweating, they’d be wet… so keep that in mind, if you go to purchase this one. But it’s still cute!

9. Solid Crochet with Tassles Shower Curtain – $24.99


I love this shower curtain! I think it could go with various styles, whether you like the Boho look, farmhouse style, or even a more Moroccan vibe.

10. Juno Tufted Rollback Velvet Loveseat


 And, finally this piece! They did not have this in store, so I can’t give you the full run-down on this, but it’s really pretty!

Again, this piece could go in a lot of different directions, but if you’re a cottage/farmhouse lover like me, this would be perfect for that style!


So, that’s my thoughts on the new Opal House line. I’m interested to see if they keep this line going into fall because I think their could be a lot more to come with next season if they do… so we shall see!

Let  me know your thoughts in the comments below or through my social media outlets (which are linked at the bottom of the site!)

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog, and have a spectacular day, buddies!


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