What’s Trending Tuesday: Letter Boards

Happy Tuesday! Have you guys been noticing the “letter board” trend? It seems like I’m seeing these everywhere, and I now have one!

So, I’ve rounded up a few in  case you want to be part of the trend! All pictures are linked directly to the sources!



1. Changeable Letter Board


This one is a felt board but I love the grey/weathered frame if your going for a farmhouse look!

2. 16”x16” Letter Board


This one is from Target and has bit more of a modern look than the previous option. Super stylish for any room!

3. 12” x 18” Felt Letter Board


This is one is a bit loner and narrower than some of the others (and I like this quote!)

4. Wood Frame Letterboard


This one is bit simpler, but still has a great look!

5. Blue Hydrangea Letter Board


This one may look a bit familiar as it’s the one I own and feature in many of my Monday Motivation posts. It’s different from the others as it uses wooden letters that sit on mini shelves, which adds more dimension than some of the others.

6. White Oak Letterboard


I love the simplicity of this one! White felt, light frame… you can’t go wrong!

7. Rustic White and Gray Letterboard


If you are true farmhouse or shabby-chic lover, this would be the one for you.


And there are many, many others available online and in multiple retailers, but these are definitely trending in the world of home decor. Below are a few pictures of how I’ve used my Letterboard. Most of these images are related to another one of my posts, and if you click the image, it’ll take you there.


If you’re already in on the Letterboard trend, I’d love to see how you’re styling yours! Feel free to tag me in a post or use the hashtag #WhatsTrendingTuesday

And, let me know you’re thoughts on this trend in the comments below!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!




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