DIY Farmhouse/Cottage Style Shelf

Guys!!!!! I am so, so happy with how this turned out!

You know when you get an idea, and you have a vision in your head of how you want it to turn out. For me, it’s rare that it actually comes out that exact way, but this time it did!

I just finished this shelf project above my headboard, and I think this may  be my new favorite decor area.


The idea started when I found this “Bed & Breakfast” sign at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago. I thought it would look great in the bedroom, but thought it would be a bit plain to hang it by itself since the majority of my decor and bedding is white/neutral tones.


Then, I found a set of new mahogany corbels at Bargain Hunt for $3/each, and I thought a shelf would be the perfect thing to put with the sign. (You can read about how I distressed the corbels HERE!)



For the shelf, I purchased a pine board from Lowe’s for $10 and white-washed it with a diluted version of the same chalk paint I used for the corbels.

I liked the look of the wood grain and wanted it to somewhat match the white-washed look of the “Bed & Breakfast” sign. I didn’t use a certain ratio of paint to water, I just added and mixed until it looked right.


As far as styling goes, I just used these faux greenery plants that I already had (they came from Michaels) and used these cupcake pedestals from the Target Dollar Spot. The short one to the left of the picture above is from this season, and the taller ones are from last year.


I also wanted to give you the sources for my bedding. A lot of it isn’t from big retailers like Walmart or Target, but here’s where it’s all from (right to left):

Lace Trim Pillow- Brand: Isaac Mizrahi, Store: TJMaxx

White Sham- Brand Isaac Mizrahi, Store: TJMaxx

White Square Pillow- Store: HomeGoods

Ruffled Pillow- Store: Bargain Hunt

Small White Square Pillow- Store: Old Time Pottery

Ruffled Bed Spread- Bargain Hunt


I know that’s not the most helpful information, but I will tell you that almost all of these were on clearance shelves when I found them! That’s one reason that I like white/neutral pillows and bedding: you can mix an match all sorts of pieces and it still goes together!

So, keep an eye out for those deals the next time your in Ross, Homegoods, TJMaxx, etc.


I couldn’t wait to share this shelf project with you, and I hope it might give you an idea for a shelf project in your home!

Feel free to comment/DM with any questions, and, as always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

TTYL Buddies! 🙂


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