Giving New Corbels a Vintage Touch

Hi Buddies!!! First off, this wisdom tooth mess is no joke, but thankfully it’s giving me a little time to chill out and relax. I felt better today, so I decided to work on a set of mahogany corbels I picked up from Bargain Hunt a couple of weeks ago.


I picked up two of these for $3/each with the intention of using them for a shelf above my headboard in my bedroom. However, I didn’t want to keep the plain wood look, so I decided to chalk paint them.


This is the paint I used (and it’s been used once or twice before if you can’t tell 😉 ) but it does a good job. It’s a multi-surface acrylic chalk paint in the color “parchment”. I believe it’s from Michael’s, but Hobby Lobby or Joann’s probably sells it too.

I put a layer on each corbel, and I didn’t worry about covering every square inch because I knew I’d be distressing them anyway.

If you were looking to have them a solid color (with no distressing), I’d suggest sanding them a bit and then spray painting to get a more even coverage.


As you can see, I didn’t paint the backs because they’re going to go against the wall, and I didn’t want to try to avoid the parts where the nails go.

After they dried, I used some large grit sand paper to “rough them up” a bit, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.


Now, I’m looking for a board to put across the top for a shelf, but I thought I’d god ahead and grab some of my vintage book collection to who show you how they could be styled as bookends.


Stay tuned for what happens regarding the shelf situation, and, as always thanks for stopping by the blog!!!


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