Dining by Hearth & Hand

E776BB08-51C4-4527-AA15-817F8D52A812Hi, Friends! So, if you haven’t noticed yet, I love me some Chip & Jo, which means I also love me some Hearth & Hand. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite items in their current line of dishes.

I’ve pulled the product images from and linked each picture to the product listing on Target’s website, so, if you see something you like, you can go directly to it!

1. Decorative Wire Basket


So… this basket may not exactly fall into the “dish” category, but it’s still cute! They show it styled with eggs on Target’s sight, and I think it would be a perfect Easter basket.

Image result for hearth and hand wire basket

But, it would also be cute as bread basket for an Easter lunch/supper!

2. Bird Nest Charger Plate


I love these chargers! They’re made to look like a bird’s nest, but these could easily transition into decor for any season.

Image result for hearth and hand bird nest charger

I love the edge of this, and if you wanted to make it even more “spring-y”/”Easter-y,” you could work some greenery or moss into the edges!

3. Classic Appetizer Plate Set of 4


The appetizer plates are another pretty find! I love that they’re each different. It allows for a more eclectic look for your table settings.

Image result for hearth and hand appetizer plate

(And you can never have to many white dishes, right? 🙂 )

4. Glass Fluted Tumbler


Another great product is this fluted tumbler. I love the shape of the glasses, and there’s actually a whole matching set…

5. Juice Glass & Glass Tumbler


I just imagine these at a place setting for an Easter dinner… or any dinner for that matter. I think these would “investment pieces” for your home because they’re not something that will go out of style… at least not anytime soon.

6. Stoneware Salt & Pepper Cellars


Aren’t these cute?! I love these for a kitchen, they’re very simple but also stylish.

7. Scallop Beaded Dinner Plate (Set of 4)


And I LOVE these plates!!! The scalloped edge makes it, and again a set of these would be an investment piece because it’s something you can continuously use.

8. Stoneware Pedestal Serve Bowl


And finally, this pedestal bowl! ❤ ❤ ❤ I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I think that out of this whole list, this is my favorite. It’s very elegant, without being too “fancy.” I just love the look of it.

You could use it for serving a dish for Easter, and then leave out on your counter with fruit in it year round. Or, put it on display in a cabinet or open kitchen shelves… (Have I mentioned that I LOVE white dishes?)


So, those are few of my personal favorites from this season’s Hearth & Hand line from Target. Hope you like them too, and that I gave you an idea or two for your kitchen/table setting.

Have a great day, my friends!!!

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