No Rain, No Flowers

Happy Monday! With Spring showing up all around us, I felt like this was a good quote for this week’s motivational post.


Here in a Gainesville, we’ve had a TON of cloudy, rainy days lately, and after going a few days in a row without some sunshine, it’s easy to start feeling down. Then, when the sun finally comes back it out like it did yesterday, it’s especially beautiful and appreciated.

We all know that it takes rain to make flowers/plants grow, and the same can be said for us as humans (metaphorically speaking.)


Let’s take this same idea and apply it to life:

Sometimes, we go through some stormy patches. Things look so drear and gloomy to the point that it seems like the sun will never come back, but it’s in those times that we grow and are able to develop our courage, patience and perseverance, the things that are vital to our survival.

When the storm passes and the sun comes, we’re able to rejoice more fully because of our time in the rain.

I know it’s not always easy to take the “glass half-full” approach to tough situations, but if you’re currently in a rainy patch, know that it’s a time of development and of preparation because God has way bigger things in store for you. Maybe he’s pushing you to “deepen your roots”or maybe it’s so that you can protect those around you who are just starting to grow.

Whatever the reason, you will come out stronger than ever, and the beauty of that will serve as inspiration to those who may entering a storm of their own.

So, let’s take on the rain, friends! After all…

No rain, No flowers.

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