Friday Favorites: February

Hi Friends! Thanks for checking out the blog today! I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite items this month to share with you. Let me know what you think about them!

1. Peony Picks from Michael’s

I love the color of these faux floral picks from Michael’s (and peonies are one of my favorite flowers 🙂 ) They were only a couple of bucks at the store, and I’m pretty sure I got them when they were 40% off! They’ve got some mixed greenery that’s attached but I added a few pieces of faux ferns to fill them out a bit more. I just set them around in my living room, but these would be gorgeous at place settings for a spring/summer tablescape!

2. Magnolia Journal

Fixer Upper is my favorite TV show, so of course I subscribe to The Magnolia Journal, and I love this spring’s edition. The focus on intentional living is such a wonderful and empowering idea, and Joanna and her team packed this magazine full of great ideas regarding that topic.

I love the section on “The Art of Letter Writing”. I think it’s something that needs to come back! Today’s, world is so full of technology (which don’t get me wrong, technology is great… I wouldn’t be able to share my ideas in this format if it weren’t for it) but there’s just something about a hand-written letter that’s really special. I’m planning on putting some Easter letters/Cards together this year, so be on the look-out for that post coming soon!

If you haven’t picked up the latest copy of this wonderful publication, I strongly encourage you to do so.

3. Boho Beads from The Pickled Rose

Aren’t these cute?!?! One of my sweet Insta-friends, Kristi from The Pickled Rose, sent these to me and they are beautiful. She makes and sells these on Etsy for people to use in their home decor, and it was so sweet of her to share these with me. I particularly liked this one because of its neutrality and the hearts (which made it perfect for some Valentine’s Day Decor!)

You can click the picture to see Kristi’s whole shop 🙂

4. Expanding Stand Pop Grip Mount Holder Socket for iPhone

[What a mouthful! 😀 ] This one isn’t as Home-related, but let me tell you something. I’ve seen all my friends and co-workers with these round “things” on the back of their cell phones lately and have been like “what is that?” So, after one of my managers told me about them and how much she liked it, I thought I’d give it a try.


I ordered this one from Amazon, and it’s so helpful! It’s easier to hold my phone, I can prop my phone up, it’s easier to do insta-stories… and this one is pretty stylish. I, also, have a case for my iPad that’s in a similar white marble pattern, so I really liked this one. They come in all sorts of designs but this was my favorite!

(You can click the first pic to go straight to the site if you wanted to order one for yourself… and did you like that rhyme? ‘Click the pic’ 😀 )

So, those are a few of my favorite things this month! Comment below with any questions or to share some of your favorite things!

Thanks for checking out the blog, and have a fantastic day!!!

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