February Living Room Decor

Hi Friends, and, as always, thanks for checking out the blog today!

For February/Valentine’s Day this year, I added some pink and blush accents to my living room, mostly in the form of faux florals from Michael’s.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, and I found this blush/salmon tone in the store. So, I picked up three of the small picks they had along with a small mixed bouquet.


I also added this mirrored/galvanized metal heart that I’ve had for a while…

Y’all know I love old book pages, so this banner is speaking my language! (You can read the DIY process of it here!)

I kept a lot of my decor the same, and I think that makes the few areas of color like the pillow in this chair and the bright pink peonies really pop! (Try saying that last bit 5 times fast! 😀 )

This corner stayed neutral, but I thought the vintage “I Love Thee” sheet music was a sweet touch.

And here’s another small shot of the book page banner and my lantern candle holder.

Quick Fun Story: that paper in front of it is a program from “El Cortez Hotel and Sky Room” back in 1952. It came in a box of vintage of pictures and prints that I got at an auction a few months ago!

And that, ladies and gents, is my Valentine’s Living Room Tour!

Hope you found a little bit of inspiration here, and, as always, Happy Decorating!!!

(And Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ )

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