DIY Book-Page Heart Banner

Hi Friends! Thanks for checking out the blog today!

Thought I’d share a quick DIY for making this Valentine’s banner out of old book pages.

All you need is a book (this is an older one that I picked up at the Salvation Army for just a few cents!), a hole-punch, a pair of scissors and some twine

Start with ripping a page out of the book

Then, fold in half. (It doesn’t have to be perfect for this, and older pages don’t always fold neatly…)

After that, you can use your scissors to freehand half of a heart.

Next, you’ll punch a hole in each side…

… and run either twine or ribbon through each one.

Once you have them all strung, you’re done! Just find a place to hang it and ta – da!

Leave a comment if you try this out in your space, or post a picture to social media! I’d love to see it!

Have a great day, friends, and Happy Decorating!

One thought on “DIY Book-Page Heart Banner

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