Finding Yourself

This is a bit of a longer quote for some Monday Motivation, but I love the message in this! A good friend of mine wrote this and put it on his Instagram story this past week, and it really spoke to me. (If you don’t follow German (Instagram: german_alvarezfitness) you are missing out!)

There are so many times when we feel like we are at the end and at “the point of insanity”, but there is a reason that we come to that point. It’s not alway clear, and many, many times we question what God’s purpose is for bringing us to that point, but we have to realize that it’s just another part of our journey. And we have to be willing to turn it all over to Him because ultimately He’s the one in control. When we do that, He can help us find ourselves.

In this season of my life, that’s how I often feel… that I’m constantly searching for myself and for my purpose. Somedays are a step forward, somedays are a step back, but I think the most important part of that is taking a step (no matter the direction). And, as German says, “we all fall at some stage but it’s up to [us] to decide how long [we] stay there.” As bruised as we may be, we have to keep on keeping on, friends because I choose to believe that are always better days and greater things ahead.

I hope you’ve found some encouragement in this quick little “musing” of mine today! No matter what, never stop searching/finding yourself and always keep going friends because the world NEEDS YOU, and you are worth it!

Happy Monday!

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