What’s Trending Tuesday: Deconstructed Furniture

Hi Friends, and Happy Tuesday! So let’s talk about a trend I’ve been spotting more and more: Deconstructed Furniture.

(Photo from Pinterest)

First off, what is it? Basically, a piece falls into the “deconstructed” category if it has a solid frame/structure but is purposefully incomplete (without fabric/trim). Sounds kinda McCrayCray, right? The intention is to highlight the bones/simplicity of the structure of a piece of furniture, and I think this is one of those trends where you either say “Gotta Have It” or “Make It Stop.” I personally like it after seeing in it some of my favorite blogger’s home, such as Liz Marie (Liz Marie Blog) or Erin (Cottonstem) who actually has some deconstructed pieces in a new product line that she helped create from Painted Fox Home. (You can find links to both of their blogs under the “My Favorite Bloggers” Tab.)

I just like the vintage/antique look of the furniture. I don’t own anything that fits the style myself, but I would definitely like to. What’s crazy is the pricing that some of these items are going for! (Some in the upper 1,000’s of dollars!) Who would think that unfinished furniture would ever be a trend for home decor?!

For example, this chair is for sale on Houzz.com for $769.00 (which is more than all the furniture I have in my living room added together!). It’s very pretty and I personally love the look of it, but that price is WAY beyond what I typically pay for my furniture pieces. However, I think this is a trend that may trickle on down to lower-level retailers or may start appearing more in HomeGoods/TJMaxx stores soon.

I’ve only recently noticed this trend, but it has actually been growing gradually for a few years now, according to my research. I think it’s just more recently started to gain popularity/desire in the home furnishing consumer market. I hope this is a trend that’s here to stay. I think these pieces come across as timeless due to their antique-like appearance, so I’m think they’ll stick with us for quite some time.

What do you think about this trend? Leave your comments below as whether you think it’s a “Gotta Have It” or a “Make It Stop” moment.

Happy Decorating, Friends!

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