At the beginning of every year, I always feel the need to simplify as much as I can… purging closets, reorganizing, storing, labeling, “the works”. It’s always such a contrast to all the decorating and “mess-making” that comes with December and Christmas Time.

I try my best to go through my closets and pull clothing items that are worn or are things I just don’t wear anymore. I try to follow the 3-question process:

  1. Does it still fit/look good?
  2. Have I worn it in the last 6-9 months?
  3. If I saw it in a store today, would I buy it?

Unfortunately, I answer with yes much more than with no, but this year this process resulted in two jam-packed TJMaxx bags full of clothes that went straight to Plato’s Closet.

I also clean out and reorganize my “storage room”… And y’all… I’m pretty sure I’m on the verge of hoarder status. But when you find really good deals, it’s hard to pass them up. (I’d show you pictures, but it’s not a “pretty space”… 😀 )This year, I’m praying for greater self-control :D. I’m also trying to figure out a way to sell some of my findings.

I’ve looked into doing a booth at an “antiques” store, but I don’t think I could handle that right now. I love the idea that Joanna Gaines had early on her home career of doing a “House Sale” where you just set up everything in your own home and allow people to come and shop…. but I don’t see that happening 😀 … I would love to like semi-annual tent sale, but it’s just finding the right place to do something like that. (Anyone in the Northeast GA area with suggestions, I’m all ears!) So, we will see… but back to simplification!

In my living room. I kept a few things the same, but I tried to keep it simple and neutral. Which, I think after Christmas, any space looks a lot simpler without greenery or flocked garlands or trees or wreaths or ornaments everywhere… so this was a fairly simple task in this space.

I used the rolled book pages from white pencil tree in this little market box for added “texture”.

And I put my seltzer bottles that I got at Michaels (60% off btw) on my thrifted side table along with some other neutral decor. That small paper in the envelope is a vintage invitation to a 50th ending anniversary. I’m not exactly sure of the year but it came in a pack of vintage pictures/letters that I got at an auction. Most of the other papers were from 30’s, 40’s and 50’s! And that horse shoe used to hang over the door of my great-grandmother’s house!

My ottoman kept it’s same styling minus a few bottle brush trees and I simplified what was on my TV stand to a couple of candles, some real greenery and a picture frame. I also pulled out my rounded chalkboard from TJMaxx and wrote some lyrics from The Greatest Showman on it (which if you haven’t seen that movie, you are truly missing out!)

In this corner, I kept my chair and put some vintage sheet music into the open frame hanging above.

And, I moved my dome over here and placed a small topiary inside!

On the daybed I cut back to only 7 pillows. (Aren’t y’all proud?! I had 16 on their for Christmas! … Don’t judge 😀 ) I kept it mainly in the white’s and creams for the pillows to make it look more airy/spacious and of course kept my favorite throw blanket!

So, no huge changes in this space for Janauary, but definitely some simplification going into the new year!

Hope you found a little inspiration in this post. (I’m no interior designer, but I have to say that I’m proud of my little space!)

Have a great day, friends, and as always, Happy Decorating!


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