“Hearth & Hand” Spring Collection

Hi peeps! So, the spring collection for Chip and Jo’s “Hearth & Hand” line has officially launched at Target!

I checked it out in store this week (after browsing the Christmas Clearance), and I loved so many pieces of it. So, today I’m sharing a few of my favorites:

1. Stone Catchall “You Were Made For This” – $8.99


I love this cute little catchall plate. I think having pieces like this with an encouraging reminder is perfect for any home and space. It’d be perfect for either an entry table or a desk!

2. Square Floor Pillow – $49.99


I love the stripe detail of this pillow. It’s a great neutral piece that can easily add pattern or texture to any space; however…. if I’m being honest, I think the price point is a little high for this piece. I think $34.99 (max) would be more realistic for a Target customer, but I understand that profit has to be made… and it’s still a great piece, perfect for a game night or small gathering due to its size and the fact that it could be easily tucked away in a living room space. And of course, it’s super stylish!

3. Umbrella Stand – Cream – $29.99

I LOVE THIS! When I saw it in the store, I was like “That is beautiful!” It’s so pretty and looks very expensive in person. According to the Target website, it’s almost 18″ tall and just under 9″ wide. I thought it was a bit bigger than that, but I’m not the best when it comes to estimating measurements…

When I first saw it, I thought it was a large vase, and I think that’s what I would want to use it for instead of umbrellas. I can picture it on a mantel full dogwood blooms or forsythia branches for Spring! So pretty… Y’all know I’m all about shopping on a budget and getting good deals, so I will probably try to hold out until it’s either on sale or gets shipped to Bargain Hunt… but I LOVE THIS! (In case you can’t tell 🙈)

4. Striped Napkin 4 pk – Green – $9.99

52695678.jpgThese simple grain stripe napkins are pretty as well. I like this soft green color for spring, and these would look great in any dining room or kitchen. Another cute idea for these would be to use them as a “filler” for Easter baskets (I know we just had Christmas… but it’s good to think ahead, right? 🙂 )

5. Eucalyptus Wreath – $34.99


I’m really into eucalyptus lately. I even talked about it as one of the big trends for Christmas this past year, so when I saw the previews of both this wreath and the matching garland, I was excited to see the rest of the line! And the way this wreath is done makes it good for anytime of year. It may be in the “Spring Collection” but I don’t think there is any one specific season that this is meant for.

6. Faux Leather Storage Bin – $34.99


And last but not least, let’s talk about this faux leather storage bin. I like the distressed look of it. I have not seen this in person yet (or if I did, I just didn’t notice it while I was there), but I love the distressed look of it. Online, they show pictures of it styled with small logs for the fireplace, but I think it would be great with anything from books and magazines to plants! (I could totally see a small olive tree in this, but faux options would probably be a bit safer for this container 🙂 )

So many great items in this collection! I’d love to see how you style any of it, and will try to post where some of my own buys end up soon.

Happy Decorating, Friends!

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