Christmas Living Room Tour

Christmas is always a fun time of year, and I love getting to be a little “extra” with the decorations. In case you don’t know, I am definitely a neutrals kinda guy, and, for me, Christmas is no exception. Whites, golds, silvers, greys and greenery is what I’ve stuck with for my decorations for the past few years.


So, 2017 was no exception…



I didn’t go too extreme with the Christmas decor. I just wanted to add a few simple touches like the pencil tree and the small wreath on the hanging window (which is actually a candle ring, and the window is from Michael’s.)



In this area, I used more neutral elements like the Globe and my repurposed Lantern light, which I found at a thrift store in Gainesville for $1. It was really dusty and rusty, but I cleaned it up and used some white chalk paint to give it a new life!





I also wanted to have a little sparkle since it’s the holidays, so I brought in these Mercury glass candle holders and I used this faux flocked greenery throughout the space including on the pencil tree.




I love this chair. I found it at bargain hunt for about $50, and the brand is “Jeffan”! (These chair typically retail for 100’s of dollars!) And you can check out my other post, “Christmas Pillows”, for the “deets” on the pillow!img_2546-1

I styled the tray on my ottoman with some neutral elements like these opaque bottles that I got on clearance from Michael’s and of course the latest copy of The Magnolia Journal.





For my little white pencil tree in here, I added some pieces of flocked greenery that I got last year at Michael’s, and then I just rolled up some pages out of some vintage books I’ve collected over time from thrift stores (You book lovers, please don’t hate me for tearing the pages out!)




I stacked my “French Market” boxes from Homegoods by my daybed and added some of the same greenery I used in the tree along with my seltzer bottles, which are from (guess where…) Michael’s.


The day bed kept it’s same styling with all my neutral pillows. I love the texture added by the various types.



And finally, I decked the case opening with this Music note banner from Target’s dollar spot.


It makes me sad to think about changing all of this pretty decor out for something else after Christmas… but since that’s still a little while away, we won’t think about that. Instead, I’ll focus on the beauty and coziness of my favorite room.

As always, I hope you’ve found a bit inspiration here!

Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating!!!


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