DIY Christmas Wreath

Looking to add some Christmas spirit to your door without breaking the bank? Try making your own wreath with evergreens/branches/berries from your yard!

All you need is a grapevine wreath to use for the base and some gloves. The grapevine I’ve used is from AtHome and is one of their larger ones, but it was only $14!


To add the most texture to your wreath, try getting branches from multiple kinds of trees. I used branches from 2 different evergreens and a pine tree. Then added some red berries from a plant by our front porch.


Then, just tuck them in all over the place. I wanted a really full, “natural” look so I just kept adding till the base was completely full.

I used rather large branches, so I just weaved them into each other, and they seemed secure, but if you feel like your branches aren’t completely stable, just use some twine or floral wire to secure the Greenery to the grapevine.

There’s really no rules when it comes to making a wreath. You just have to trust your “eye for design” and keeping adding and adjusting till your happy with it.

And we all know how expensive wreaths and garlands and florals in general can get, so making your own can give you that Christmas Statement your wanting for your front door without breaking the bank (and you get that sense of accomplishment for making it yourself)!

So give this diy a try, and if you post some pics, don’t forget to tag me in them!!!

Merry Christmas, friends, and happy decorating!!!


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