Christmas Pillows

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about decking the halls! Y’all know I’m pillow-crazy, but I love being able to mix and match all sorts of pillows and the fact that a simple change can make a piece of furniture look completely different.

So, to ring in the Christmas season, I thought I would share some affordable pillow cover options from Amazon.

1. “Merry Christmas Cushion Cover Case Pillow” $2.35

I love the look of this one! It’s got a chalkboard vibe that would mesh well with any style decor.

2. “Vovotrade Vintage Christmas Pillow Case” $3.36

This is the one I’ve purchased! It’s really cute, and I like the feel of the fabric. My only teeny-tiny complaint would be the word “Little” is unclear, but for 3 bucks, it’s worth it.

3. “Pillow Case Sofa Waist 2017 Fashion (Deer)” – $4.97

Speaking of bucks, how about this one! (See what I did there?! 😆) This one would also work well with practically any style Christmas decor, and it’s a great transition piece for fall to winter. Plus, it could stay out way past Christmas time!

 4.”Christmas Pillow Case” $3.99

Christmas tree cars have been quite the trend lately. In my last post, I shared a cup with a similar look that is available at The Blue Hydrangea. I think this pillow would look great in any chair or on any bed/couch!

5. “LINKWELL Home Decor Let It Snow Polyester Pillow Cover” $3.44

Here’s another great find! Again, it’s in the neutral sector, so it can mesh well with others. And, this one could be left out all winter!

6. “10rnanmentsstore Primitives by Kathy Merry Little Christmas PA236 Decorative Cushion Covers” $5.74 

If you’re looking for something with a more rustic/country look, this is the Christmas pillow for you! It has a burlap look to it, but is actually a 50% cotton, 50% linen blend. I love the stripe detail on this one.


You can click on the links directly below any of these to go straight to the Amazon page to get even more information or to place your order! I’ve only purchased #2, so I can’t attest for the quality of the others. But, they are all at a great price-point if you’re trying to decorate on a budget (like me)!

As always, if you give any of these products a try, feel free to tag me in an Instagram post or message me about them! I love seeing other people’s spaces! I’ll be getting some pictures up of some of my Christmas decor on the “gram” soon, and you’ll be seeing a few more Christmas posts regarding how I’m “decking my halls” this year!

Happy Decorating, Friends!!!

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