The “Hearth & Hand” Collection at Target

Can y’all believe it’s November? It blows my mind how fast time moves… It will be Christmas time before we know it, so it’s almost time to start looking at Christmas decor for this year.

I’m sure many of you have heard about Chip and Joanna Gaines’ partnership with Target, and I’ve been anticipating the launch of their line ever since I heard about it! And it’s almost here! So this post is dedicated to giving you a “first look” at some of the products in their line “Hearth & Hand with Magnolia” which is launching this coming Sunday (November 5, 2017)!!! A lot of the products are Christmas items, so maybe this will put you in the Christmas spirit (if you’re ready for it!)

Their line doesn’t have the exact look I was expecting to see from Joanna, but it does have some really attractive pieces in the collection.

I’ve chosen 8 items that I feel really fit my personal style, and I’ll break down each one for you:

1. Juniper Wreath with Bell & Artificial Lamb Ear and White Berry Wreath

Bell: 16″ $19.99 or 6″ $9.99

Lamb: 24″ $34.99

I love the look of both of these wreaths, especially the bell option! They are perfect for Christmas, but can last through the entire winter season and into the new year!

2. House Log Wood Holder


Isn’t this cute!!! I want one to go by our fireplace so bad! I really like this because it’s attractive and functional!!! And even though it has a bit more of a modern look due to the clean lines, it can easily fit with many different style and is not something super “trendy” that will go out of style quickly!

3. Vintage Bell – Brass


This is a cute touch for the holiday season (and gold is one of my Christmas colors!)

4. House Gift Wrap – Cream/Green


I love this gift wrapping paper!!! I may have to add some green and black into my Christmas decor this year… but I think this pattern is very versatile! I have used gift wrap as shelving paper before for the drawers in dressers or vanities and I think this would be perfect to use for that! And this doesn’t read strictly as Christmas to me. It’s more of a year-round pattern, which, again, makes it perfect for uses other than wrapping paper!

5. Vase with Flower Frogger

14″ $16.99

20″ $19.99

*Also available in Black

I have a soft spot for just about anything made of galvanized metal, and these vases are no exception. I especially like these because they have the flower frogger in them (meaning it has a grid at the opening of the vase that you can use to help arrange your flowers or branches)!

6. Galvanized Metal Tree Collar


Again, with the galvanized metal…. it’s so simple but so pretty! I think this tree collar would be so cute whether inside the house or out. I’m envisioning small pencil-Christmas-trees on either side of a front door with these collars and some white lights… [sigh] Giving me the Christmas feels, JoJo! 😀

7. Embroidered X Pattern Throw Pillow


I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it yet, but I have a serious pillow obsession (like it’s ridiculous how many I have…) and I would like to add this one to my collection! It’s very simple, but I love the x stitching!

8. Galvanized House Lanterns

Large $32.99

Medium $24.99

Small $19.99

And again, the galvanized metal… I just love all these metal pieces in the collection! And they’re not limited to only one season! These candle holders and the vases shown earlier in this post could be used year round!!!

So, that’s just a quick introduction to the “Hearth & Hand with Magnolia” line that will be available at a Target near you this month! I’m so excited to see these products in person. Chip and Jo always do good work, so it’s no surprise that this new line is so beautifully done.

Also, (just FYI) all the pictures above are from Target’s website and, also, this post is in no way endorsed by neither Target nor Magnolia. I was just looking at the preview of the line on Target’s website, and thought I’d share some of my favorite listed pieces! (If your interested in getting more information about the products shown above or looking at the rest of the line, you can follow this link: )

‘Tis the season, peeps! Aren’t you excited?! If you buy any of these products, first be sure to tag Joanna, Chip, and Magnolia, but feel free to tag me! I can’t wait to see these styled in people’s homes, and to grab a few things for myself!

Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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