Thrifted Finds: Table Edition

Hi Friends! So, in case you didn’t know, I do quite a lot of thrift store shopping. From Goodwill to Salvation Army and everything in between. And I love it when I find a good deal.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I found this table at the Salvation Army in Gainesville for $15, which is too cheap to pass up in my opinion! Of course, I had to throw some dishes and flowers on it as soon as we got it home to post on the “gram”. 😀


I love the shape of the legs… but the color, not so much. So, I got some white paint and went to work and now I love it (this may be my dining table in the near future!).


The only real work, other than the painting, was securing the legs which were a little wobbly (basically just tightening everything up) and sanding down the top. I love the wood top because it’s similar to butcher block. It had quite a few scratches, but I sanded it down, added a coat of the stain shown below and ba-bam!


I didn’t work too hard to get every single scratch out because that’s part of the character of this piece!

To me, thrifted pieces like this are way better than picking something brand new up in a store because it comes with a story and you get the opportunity to put your own work into it. (and you can save a “dolla” or 2…. or 100! 🙂 )

I’m planning on getting this styled for Thanksgiving & what I have in mind is so cute (if I can find the time to get it done)… so stay tuned friends!!!

Also, I love seeing what treasures you guys stumble along, so feel free to tag me in any of your findings! (You can find links to my social accounts at the bottom of the page!)

Thanks for visiting the blog & have a great day Friends! 🙂

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