What’s Trending Tuesday: This Fall’s Colors

Hello peeps! Happy Tuesday! So…  here’s the plan: I’ll be posting a popular “trend” at least one Tuesday (because I love alliteration) each month that I’ve notice regarding either home decor or lifestyle or fashion (or all of the above)! I’m kicking this off today with our first trend discussion for Fall 2017.

So, what’s trending this fall? Blues and Greens! (What? No oranges or reds or yellows?!) Nope! And I love it!! There are so many people incorporating shades of blue and greens into their home decor along with white and green pumpkins and gourds! And it’s all so “gourd-geous” 😀 !

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(Pulled these images from Google! Haven’t had time to get pumpkins for our house yet….. which it’s still 85 degrees… so there’s that …)

You can tell from my last post that I’ve embraced this one with some of my fall purchases, but not all retailers were exactly prepared with products that fit this fad. The main stores I see embracing the trend is Target and Michael’s, and then there are also some products in the TJX stores (but you never know what they’ll have).

In my last post, I talked about some of the pumpkins from Target’s Dollar Spot coming in shades of green! And at first green pumpkins seems kinda… different, but it totally works!!!



I haven’t fully went for any blues yest, but I’m loving the green and white! This is a shelf that I have in my bedroom. I picked it up from “At Home” in Buford, GA probably a year or so ago, and these are more of the same pumpkins from my last post. The mirror is a thrift store find, and that little white “gather” plate is from Michael’s.





I think these colors just look airy, which is definitely how I want my home to feel!

Men’s Fall Fashion Trend

This trend of greens is also carrying over into the world of fashion! According to the article linked below from GQ, green is the trending color for menswear this fall! From sweaters to jackets to boots and tennis shoes, green is where it’s at.

We’ve all heard the saying “[insert color] is the new black”… well, according to GQ, Green is the new Navy! (You can read more about that here…)


A lot of the items they chose to feature, while stylish, were kinda pricey, so I decided to round up some clothes that fit the trend within a budget (with the exception of #7… I just really, really liked those green chukkas!!!), and here they are…

I would love to have all of the above in my closet! I’ve listed the links to each piece below, so if you’re interested in purchasing any of them for yourself or your man, there they are! (BTW, nothing I post on here is sponsored… well, not yet anyway 😉 so these are all just honest finds that I, myself, would purchase!)

Links to the Fashion:











Here is an example of how an easy guy’s look for fall. I pulled all of this from my own closet today to show that it’s super easy to embrace the trend for this fall (and this is all pieces I already had!).


Vest: Target

Shirt: Target

Scarf: Old Navy

Watch: Michaels (Yes, really!)

Jeans: BargainHunt (not sure exactly where the brand is from…)

Shoes: H&M


So, that is what’s trending in the worlds of home decor and men’s fashion this fall. Hope you found a little inspiration from this post (and maybe even some new clothes for you or somebody you love!) 🙂

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!!

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