Break Out The Pumpkins Without Breaking The Bank

Hi Friends, and Happy First Day of Fall!!! Can you believe summer is already over?! Here in Georgia, it’s still in the mid-high 80’s… but just because it may not feel like fall that doesn’t mean we can’t start decorating!!!

I’ve found/seen some great deals on beautiful items for this season! If you’ve seen my latest post(s) on the “gram”, (Instagram, that is) you’ve seen a few, but thought I would turn my findings into a blog post! So, here we go:

1. Target Dollar Spot Pumpkins1F1AFF1D-44FD-4788-81CD-323940C4936C

Aren’t these cute! I’ve been seeing some of my favorite bloggers/Instagrammers posting about these and our Target finally got some! I think they come in 3 colors: a creamy white, light/dusty green, and a darker/dusty emerald green. I LOVE any white/cream-color decor, so I mostly got the cream, but I did pick up a few of the lighter green as well!


These are a great deal because I’ve seen very similar ones at Homegoods, and I think there might have been a few at Hobby Lobby that were a little bigger, but the price was bigger too!


These are definitely a great look for a great deal!!!

2. Dollar Tree Pumpkins (& A Little ChalkPaint 🙂 )


If you are feeling a bit crafty, $1 pumpkins can easily be transformed with some ChalkPaint and a Pencil.

I used White ChalkPaint from Michael’s Craft Store and painted these once orange pumpkins completely (including the stem). Then, in order to make the stem look more “real”, I just used a pencil and colored in all the groves!


Now, these don’t look like Dollar Tree pumpkins, do they!

3. Pumpkin Pillows


Unfortunately, these don’t fall in the $1.00 category, but I love them so much!!! (And they are definitely cheaper they would be at a store like TJMaxx or Homegoods!) I ordered these from Amazon earlier this month, and it took them a little over 2 weeks to get here. I’m always “iffy” about ordering things from Amazon because I’m just one of those people who want to actually be able to touch something or see it in person before I buy it, but, since I’ve seen so many other people ordering similar ones, I took the chance.

They are made out of cotton canvas, so they’re not a flimsy material. I think they are a good quality product overall. I struggled a little bit getting a pillow inside of the “3 pumpkin” (18″x18″) one, but the zipper did not break. So, that alone is a sign of quality to me!

(You can click the links below each picture if you are interested in purchasing!)

1 Pumpkin Option:04F98E0A-AE32-4EDA-9DB3-AB7A172FA5D4

3 Pumpkin Option:

B5AA7FF1-8151-40F7-8396-F297EB24D41B (1)


So, I would say I’m ready for Fall!!! Hopefully the weather will cool down and it’ll actually feel like the season it’s supposed to be! I saw a funny video on Facebook from the “It’s a Southern Thing” page that I shared on my wall that pretty much sums up how fall goes around here!

You can check it out along with all my other postings on Social Media through the blue icons under the “Follow Us” heading at the bottom of my site! I, also, love seeing what other findings and ideas everyone else has, so if you come across any good finds, feel free to tag me! 😀

Hope this is the start of a great new season for all of y’all!!! Happy Decorating!!! 🙂


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